Hello Peeps!

It’s been a while… Amazing how busy life gets! So many exciting things have been happening for me personally- most of all- I’ve been working on a lot of lifestyle changes to help create a healthier lifestyle as I continue to work through the challenges of living with an autoimmune condition… One of the most important things to staying strong is nutrition! Duh, right? Well, I think nutrition is the one KEY ingredient to many of our plaguing health issues today! Our foods have change from their original intents and so have our health issues!

I wont get going on THAT tangent… Just suffice it to say, I have found many food sensitives that can be linked to some of the symptoms I’ve dealt with for many years!

My gluten free cooking was always part of a deeper quest to find better foods to feed my family and myself. I have many friends who also deal with health issue where gluten is a menace! I have a little home baking business of which I bake alternative for those who have special dietary needs! I LUV it!

I have many new recipes and lots of cool stuff I will be posting soon!

I’m working on linking all my sites so that I can share my discoveries with you all!

If you haven’t already noticed by my Facebook, twitter and Instagram posts of recent, I am IN LUV with the Tone It Up program! The girls at Tone It Up – Katrina and Karina – are the real deal! And for once, someone has created a program for us every day peeps who want REAL whole food nutrition to help heal and fuel our bodies! These girls are SO inspiring!! AND, for those who know me well, know my passion for the sand, the waves and all things tropical- the girls of Tone It Up create everything with an awesome beachy theme!! I definitely found my place amongst their community!! They sing my tune!

I highly highly recommend joining their program and following their blogs! It is a program for the entire family! I have completely converted my pantry and refrigerator to be inline with this way of living! My family is on board, and well….after all, I do all the cooking, so they don’t really have a choice.. Haha!!

Visit their website at: http://www.toneitup.com

And their protein can be found at:

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting my daily menus, recipes and work outs… Hopefully you can find something yummy to help bring more bliss to your daily cooking, eating and living!

My Instagram is:

My Facebook:
Marcie Lemos


Join me and together lets rock our worlds!!

Cheers to your health and fitness fun!



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