Recipe Updates

Hello Again Gfreeandfabulous Friends,


Since beginning my blog… boy have I come a long way baby!  I will be updating many of my recipes… with new found nutritional yumminess! I’ve baked and cooked and baked and cooked some more… since this all began!  Lots of pics and updates coming soon! I have a little side business baking alternative cakes and cupcakes for special occasions for friends and family who have special dietary needs.   This has given me lots of good “excuses” for testing my recipes out on the “real world”..haha!  I’ll post some of the “fan favorites” that have gotten repeat requests! WOOHOO!

Also – I posted on facebook today – but wanted you to know a GREAT BAR that I’ve discovered for those inbetween times, on the go times..or really ANY TIME you need a good, solid pick me up – with WHOLE FOOD nutrition – that is GLUTEN, SOY and CHEMICAL FREE!!  You can count on one hand the ingredients used in these bars!


See my Facebook post today (Monday April 29th, 2013) for a coupon for a Buy One Get One!

Happy, Healthy Eating Everyone!




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