Mission Accomplished Gfreeandfabulous Tri-Berry Tart


The more I eat gluten, dairy and sugar free, the WHOLE lot better I feel!! Probably not the most grammatically correct sentence, but it’s true! And… The more I cook and explore this amazing world of fabulous eats… The more excited I get!

Cooking, baking and creating are all outlets for me! I love to take a few earth friendly, wholesome ingredients and just let my imagination take me away!!

My passion is recreating yesteryear’s comforts into today’s healthful, body-fueling wonders!

Recently, I was walking around one of my favorite market’s bakery. I was on the hunt for something delicious, beautiful, bountiful and nourishing to the body and soul!! I don’t ask for much out of life do I?? haha!! I wanted the perfect combination of culinary yumminess, beauty and, actually, something that will also promote wellness upon every bite! I mean, think about it… though a certain dessert may look amazing and taste great… once upon a few bites, sickness ensues.. bloating takes over… and your left with an overall feeling of blah! The dessert may be lovely upon first bite…but not too far into devouring a slice of that decadent creation… does the illness factor set in!

I would like my “treats” for special occasions to not just look and taste great… but leave me feeling great too!!

So… to no surprise… I walked away from that beautiful bakery on a mission to create a dessert that fit my very tall order!

After all, this was for a special occasion- my husbands birthday! We were having a a few people over for dinner who also have diet restrictions.. So if I were to succeed, I would not only make myself and my hubby happy – but our guests would not have to refrain from the after dinner birthday rituals of dessert!

And well- today’s post is all about that mission accomplished!

A wonderful, beautiful, bountiful, yummy Gfreeandfabulous Tri-berry Tart!

Taking my passion for reworking recipes of yonder days gone by… Combined with the list of approved ingredients from our guests – I decided to create a yummy tart!

Not only was it yummy… We each filled our plates with a delicious helping and walked away feeling nourished, well and happy!

This is one recipe you will love! I will be posting the recipe soon! I have a few variations I’ve been playing with and once I have those pictures ready to load… I will post all!

If you can’t wait and want to make the Gfreeandfabuous Tri-Berry Tart sooner rather than later – let me know and I will send you the recipe 🙂

Cheers to your health and happiness!