Hello Peeps!

This blog is the beginning of a dream come true..a dream I’ve had since I was about 11 years old.  It’s a blog that’s about alternative style cooking..but more than that..it’s about thoroughly ENJOYING the life you live!  All recipes come from years of trial and error… all laced with lots of TLC!  Most will be G-Free (gluten free) but some will be traditional… and lots will be alternative!  I’ve been asked and asked to start this blog for a longggggggggg time now!  Not really sure what has held me back… oh yah – being a super busy entrepreneurial mom might be part of the reason! I’m a girl who has many passions…. and my family has always been my #1 passion and has been my primary focus for the past..well, lots of years… why dwell on how many, right?!?!   Writing has never been a struggle for me- so that’s NOT what’s held me back from starting a blog..that’s for sure!  Afterall, my nickname growing up was motormouth!  I asked WHY about everything!  Why, you ask?? (ha ha!)  Well, because the world has always fascinated me!  People fascinate me!   I am someone who appreciates the little details in life… the small things that may go unnoticed by some.  I LOVE to make every day a special day … I really do!

I started cooking and baking at a very young age.  My sister and I were raised by our dad!  Our dads the best! Truly!  He was left to raise two GIRLS… and I have to say..he did a pretty darn good job!  Dad worked days and nights to keep our little family together.  We didn’t have lotsa “stuff” but we had what counted – LOVE and LAUGHTER.  Dad really knew how to take a not-s0-great situation and turn it into something muchhhhh better! You could say he made great lemonade! (turning lemons into lemonade.. get it!) Dad kept communication lines open – for better or for worse!  We could pretty much share anything on our minds..and he would patiently listen… to us GIRLS!  We needed lots of comic relief!  And Dad… made that all possible!

I, being the eldest, held a lot of homemaking responsibilities beginning at the ripe ol’ age of 9.  By 11 I was the official family cook.  One day Dad took me to the grocery store, handed me a shopping cart and said, “Marcie, for better or for worse, I’m going to have to count on you to help us at home…so here’s the cart, shop away!”  Little did Dad know he had just unleashed a closet-chef!  I LOVED the thought of the kitchen being all mine!  Now, just because I LOVED to create and cook – doesn’t necessarily mean what I cooked was LOVELY!  After a few rounds of hockey-puck hamburgers, rubber brownies and a series of hive breakouts in my sister due to my let’s cook-everything-with-honey phase, I began to learn by LOTS of trial and need I say – ERROR!!

All things work together….. for…. good?!?  Indeed I say YES! By the time I got married – at 19 years old – and STILL married today(almost 24 years!!) – thank you very much 😉 – (and yes, now you can guess my age!)  As I was saying..by the time I got married – I had the chance to work out a lot of my cooking-kinks and was able to create some LOVELY tasty meals for my new love!  And…all these years later..I’ve been cooking and baking and cooking and baking… and finally – here I am starting that ever sought after blog!

My passions include – my faith, my husband, my children! Our pets (Lab, two parakeets and a guinea pig)! Baking!  Cooking!  Candlelight! Naps! Coffee dates with great girlfriends!  THE OCEAN AND THE SAND!  Oh……… yes…that really is my other one true love – the coast…. the sandy beach coast of anywhere!  Toes in sand – and I’m a happy girl!  Flowers! Music – all kinds!  Quiet days and busy days! Other peoples cooking/baking! Cooking with my hubby – awww..that is the most romantic!  Reading – I read everything from fiction to non-fiction…and of course COOKBOOKS,COOKING/BAKING Magazines, blogs, tv shows, etc!  For me – cooking and baking are both THERAPY!  I get lost in creating…and love the sensation of completion regardless of the outcome, good or not so good!  I love to blast jazz music, put on candles(smokelss!) and bake or cook to my hearts content!  Which leads me to my next passion – walking nature trails with my lab! (and friends, or my kiddos or hubby!) With all the baking and cooking I’ve done-(and do!)   I must keep on walking… cuz I was NOT blessed with a high metabolism!  That’s life….So…. I work at the ol widdle-the-middle to keep healthy! I try to not sweat the small stuff … and to, as my husband puts it, be like a duck..letting things roll off my back that really aren’t worth wasting precious life energy on!  Doesn’t always work ..but I try!  I enjoy positive people who enjoy themselves! Laughter is important… I like to laugh alot….sometimes I laugh when it’s not really the most appropriate.. my good friend Lindy and I have this problem – we laugh when we probably shouldn’t.  It must be some sort of defense mechanism…lol!  that’s my theory anyway!  It would get me in trouble in high school. I was always VERY shy.. relatively quiet.. but man..something would happen in class and I would get the giggles so bad..and of course when you try NOT to laugh…you only laugh harder… ya..it’s a problem sometimes.. but I’d much rather laugh than not.. so I just accept and live with this flaw of mine! lol! 😀 😀 😀

Well, I suppose I’ve rambled on enough!  Thanks for reading and checking in …

I hope you have a FABULOUS DAY…with lots of the stuff that makes your heart smile 😀

With gratitude always,

Marcie 😀


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